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Top 4 Ways to Spend Quality Family Time during the Summer

Top 4 Ways to Spend Quality Family Time during the Summer These days, we’re always on the go. Families are busy with little league, gymnastics classes, soccer practice, you name it. Parents get busy checking emails on their smart phones, and the kids get caught up texting and talking with friends on social media.

For most families, it becomes a challenge to fit in some quality family time.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for your family. Especially during the summer while the kids are out of school, reserve some time for the family to put down all the phones and tablets and enjoy…well, enjoy being a family.

Here are 4 fool-proof ways to make sure you’re making the most out of family time.

Start a garden. Growing a garden together as a family can be a rewarding, yet educational experience. Get the family outside and get your hands dirty! Teach the kids about the ecosystem and how it all works. (Trust us; they’ll have no idea they’re getting a science lesson.) And you can bet that when it’s time to pick all the fruits and vegetables, they’ll see how all their hard work has paid off. 

Cook dinner together. Cooking dinner as a family is a great way to spend time bonding with the kids. There are plenty of recipes that are child-friendly and safe for them to help make. For instance, let them coat potato chips in Moore’s Original Marinade to make Moore’s Potato Chips while you cut the meat for sandwiches.  Or let them help stir together all the ingredients for these Sausage and Cheese Muffins. Whatever you’re making, there are usually plenty of jobs that can be assigned to the youngsters.

Go camping. Going to the local state park, cooking over a fire, and sleeping together in a tent are memories that a child will cherish for a lifetime. Get the whole family around the campfire to sing songs, tell stories, fix s’mores, or take a walk to the nearest lake to catch some fish. We even have some tips on our Pinterest board for cooking while camping or on vacation. Do whatever you want to as a family. Just enjoy the quality time you’re able to spend together.

Play backyard games. It doesn’t take leaving the house to get in quality family time. There are a million things you can do right in your own back yard. If it’s just the boys, you can’t go wrong with playing catch, or a friendly game of flag football. There are tons of games for the whole family to join in on too, like badminton, croquet, golf toss, horseshoes, kickball, volleyball, or heck even let the kids make up their own game!

With so many ways to spend time as a family, it’d be such a shame to stay indoors with everyone on their tablets or watching TV. Get out there, get dirty, and cherish this time you have as a family. If you don’t, we promise you’ll regret it later.