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Top 3 Health Benefits of Grilling

Top 3 Health Benefits of Grilling Your life gets so hectic that it takes making a conscious effort to watch what you’re putting into our body. You’re always on the go; taking the kids to and from baseball practice and running errands to make sure everyone has what they need. The easiest way to feed everyone is by stopping at the local fast food joint.

Well that’s at least what many of us tend to believe. But if you really think about it, throwing some healthy protein and seasoned vegetables on the grill can be just as easy, plus a million times more nutritious.

Top 3 health benefits of cooking dinner at home on the grill:
  1. You consume less excess fats. While some fats are good for our bodies, others aren’t. Saturated fat, like butter and lard, is the type of fat you need to watch out for the most. One of the best ways to avoid eating the excess fat off meats is to grill it since grilling allows for the fats to drip off and cook away. Grilling also adds flavor to your meal, which means you can bypass the addition of butter and other condiments.
  2. You lower your sodium intake. Preparing dinner yourself at home will automatically lead to you and your family consuming less sodium. Processed and fast foods often contain high amounts of sodium, therefore cooking from scratch can be the best way to avoid consuming too much.
  3. Your food will lose less of its nutritional properties. Because of the short cook time for most meats on the grill, you lose less of the food’s vitamins than you would have had it been baked or fried.
Grilling can be a great option for feeding the family on those busy nights. Not only will grilling make it easy for you to consume less fat and sodium, but it’ll also hold in more of those nutrients that our bodies crave.

Eating healthy is hard, but not impossible, when you’re raising a family. All you need to do to prepare a delicious dinner is marinate your meat for 30 minutes, which is all the time you need with Moore’s marinades, start the grill, season your favorite vegetables in foil, and finally, throw them on the grill! 

Another big advantage to grilling is that children who typically don’t eat their fruits and vegetables might have a whole new outlook after trying them off the grill!